Hello all of you
travelers of the web.

Here you'll find a cool
web site made by me,
first was done
to talk about my wedding
and now this has become
a big pleasure to share
part of us to all our friends
from all over the planet.

As from the first day of this web side you are ...

who've stopped by and sometime came back.

Thank you for your interest.

Please enjoy !!!!

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~ Updated as of ~
April 18, 2007

the latest in bold

ok I know that I'm not here as often as I should. As of today and for a little while this site will be under work or under new life. Heather does not want to be part of this site anymore and I'll respect that.

I will never write any comments about the divorce and from now on the past need to stay in the past...Life goes on how easy or difficult that can be...

For some of my close friends this is again a bad moment of my life but you know that I'll come back stronger from this experience.

I do apologize by the same time to all my friends who did not get any contact from me in the last few months, as you can imagine my head was busy somewhere else.

I wish Heather all the best and hope that my close friends do to. I do need to thank her for over 4 years of love and support. Do not forget that without her I'll not be where I'm now... again THANK YOU !!!

Feel free to contact the Web Monsterlinks under.

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Now here you'll find all the links needed to travel trough all this site, please if you find something which you do not agree or understand you can still write me about, but never forget one thing.............I do have the last word here !!!

My Wedding


(Don't get scared if
you find yourself here)

-Cabo San Lucas


From dinners
or wine Tastings .



If you need to
travel to Europe this will help.


As we said !!
PSG forever


My 5 years
with them.

Margot's side

Caroll's & Alain's baby.

The first Annual

Too Cool


Cigar Lovers

Wine's Side

Look at this link for the hot deals in the US !!


My Car

oh yeah !!!


H's car

hot hot hot !!!

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